The year 2020 in plant dyeing projects

There were not many other topics this year apart from the obvious one but still, I continued to experiment with plant dyes and managed to finish a rather nice selection of plant dyed wool. Anyway, everything was weird and totally different and I stopped planning anything in March … Even this post that was supposed to be the christmas one is a little late.

By now my plant dyed wool is by available at the farm shop of my friend Andrea Wolfram. She lives in Hechendorf at the Pilsensee in beautiful Bavaria and owns the sheep the wool for my yarn comes from. If you are interested and Hechendorf might be a little too far away, please contact me!

Hardly any travelling this year meant more time for dyeing with indigo. Time-consuming, not that easy, but very fascinating! Especially that moment when you pull the wool out of the vat and the indigo pigments react with the oxygen in the air and the formerly almost white wool turns a light blue! And after several more dips it gets darker and darker and finally, a nice deep navy blue:

Voilà, my first sweater from the wool I sourced and produced and dyed! Right now one of my favourite sweaters, the pattern is „Gehry“ from Brooklyn Tweed. As always with Brooklyn Tweed-Patterns: detailed, easy to understand and a pleasure to work with!

Recently I found this beautiful christmas project – that turned out to become the after-christmas-project. The wool is from Färbehof – plant dyed pure wool sock yarn, perfect for crochet. Who still wants to crochet mistletoes: the pattern is for free from Loop London.

Here in Bavaria it is tradition in some places to put the christmas tree up at 24th of december (like in most of Germany) and only take it down at Maria Lichtmess at February 2nd (very much unlike the rest of Germany). I think I will do the same with my after-christmas-garland, at least it will not loose its needles!

Apart from that? There is a rather promising prototype for a men’s jacket from the 3-ply Wendelstein Schafwolle yarn. Hopefully soon next year I will have the pattern ready for test knitting. If you are interested, please let me know!

A happy 2021 with loads of beautiful knitting projects!

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