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The year 2020 in plant dyeing projects

There were not many other topics this year apart from the obvious one but still, I continued to experiment with plant dyes and managed to finish a rather nice selection of plant dyed wool. Anyway, everything was weird and totally different and I stopped planning anything in March … Even this post that was supposed to be the christmas one is a little late.

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Waves cardigan with lace pattern

Waves – A tried and tested cardigan

A cardigan that you can wear (almost) all year round? “Wellen” definitely! Well, January and February were too cold, but apart from that I wore this cardigan all the time for almost a year now. I wanted to use a traditional wool like Wendelstein Schafwolle in a different way and used thicker needles and a lace pattern … And it worked well! The lace pattern gives the hem and the sleeves pretty curved edges and the jacket looks airy enough to be pulled over even in summer when it is cool which happens quite often here in Bavaria … Merino wool retains its good properties: it is warm, soft and extremely robust. I took the photos now, after one year of continuous use. Over dresses, with jeans, long or short sleeves underneath – it looks always great.

Cardigan "Wellen", handgestrickt

I especially like the solution for the eding. After various attempts to add an edging did not turn out as I wanted, I wore “Wellen” without one for a while. And I noticed that I didn’t need anything buttons or so to close the cardigan. I would only like to be able to close the jacket loosely from time to time. One day, the idea was there: to knit a few rows of garter stitch onto the V-neck area and continue the ends a bit longer to form ties. A playful and at the same time practical little detail that makes the jacket perfect for me!

Detail aus Cardigan "Wellen"

Below the v-neck, chain stitch edges remain unfinished. During the winter, I knitted a second version, using a darker colour, an aubergine shade I like very much. But I noticed: lighter colours are better, with the dark shade the pattern is not showing that well. This jacket is clearly less in use …

Strickjacke "Wellen" aubergine

Right now I am thinking about turning it into a pattern. As the calculating of different sizes is always a big project, I have to admit that I am not so very motivated … But that could change, if I should get lots of enthusiastic feedback! I am looking forward to many comments …

Machine for spinning wool

Wendelstein wool: a trip to Litzldorf

To… where? Litzldorf is a small village in Bavaria on the foothills of the alps near Miesbach – and of course I went there because of wool, more precisely because of the “Wendelstein Schafwolle” of Schafwollspinnerei Höfer. I had been looking for a yarn for a nice and hardwearing jacket to wear out of doors for quite some time, but hadn’t been able to find a suitable traditional yarn yet …

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Traditional Bavarian jacket with hood

Traditional Bavarian jacket meets Hoodie

I’ve wanted a hard-wearing and beautiful knitted jacket to wear out of doors for a long time. Knitted in garter stitch, like the traditional Bavarian jackets, but designed to be worn every day, in the countryside and in the city, not only for the Oktoberfest. I finally found the right yarn (more about Wendelstein wool here), so I only had to knit …

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Traditional Bavarian jacket: grafting hood together tutorial

How does the hood of the traditional Bavarian jacket Aidenried get a nice shape, and a perfect finish? Decreases make sure the hood fits well, and then the last stitches on the needles are connected invisibly by grafting them together. This photo tutorial shows how …

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Traditional Bavarian jacket Aidenried: test-knits

More hooded jackets: children’s versions and test knits

The children’s jacket is done – and it fits! The sleeves are still a bit too long, but better than too short … And then I have incredibly fast test knitters: the first three knitters have finished theirs and kindly sent me photos.

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