Cabled Sweater Crosby by Brooklyn Tweed

Cabled Sweater “Crosby”

Yes, I do knit other things besides hooded jackets … sometimes it is very relaxing to buy a good pattern and just follow the instructions. With Crosby by Brooklyn Tweed I did so, had fun knitting and after a little detour I’m happy about the result …

Brooklyn Tweed patterns are detailed, explain special techniques thoroughly, have schematics with all the important measurements and are easy to follow. Really a model for my own patterns! A small disadvanage: they are in English – but highly recommended if language is not a problem.

“Crosby” is a great design for a nice and comfortable sweater, casual but not too oversized. And I could use my favorite yarn, the Wendelstein wool, which is woolen spun like the original yarn, Brooklyn Tweed Shelter. When the wool is prepared for spinning, it is not combed but carded, this means that fibres are still overlapping and the shorter pieces remain in the yarn. The result is a very airy, warm and light wool that is also very versatile and can be knitted in a wide range of gauges: Very dense for traditional Bavarian jackets to make them durable and weatherproof. Or with larger needles, like I did here, which gives a nice warm fabric with good drape that shows the cables well.

So replacing Brooklyn Tweed Shelter worked very well, gauge matched perfectly which made knitting easy. Thanks to the detailed instructions I learned how to do an italian bind off for knit 2, purl 2 ribbing. Or rather sewing, because the stitches are grafted together with a blunt sewing needle. A bit tedious, but the results in a very elastic, nicely “rounded” finish, which I like very much.

Cabled sweater Crosby by Brooklyn Tweed

The resulst was this: pretty to look at, but when I wore the sweater, I didn’t like it that way. Ok, but not quite perfect. Not because of the pattern, which is great, but rather due to my long neck, which is emphasized rather unfavorably with that collar style. In the end I came up with a different solution for the collar, or rather no collar, and I changed the button band. Like this, it is perfect for me, and as we had snow here for days at the end of April, I wore it a lot!

Cabled sweater Crosby by Brooklyn Tweed

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