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The year 2020 in plant dyeing projects

There were not many other topics this year apart from the obvious one but still, I continued to experiment with plant dyes and managed to finish a rather nice selection of plant dyed wool. Anyway, everything was weird and totally different and I stopped planning anything in March … Even this post that was supposed to be the christmas one is a little late.

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Machine for spinning wool

Wendelstein wool: a trip to Litzldorf

To… where? Litzldorf is a small village in Bavaria on the foothills of the alps near Miesbach – and of course I went there because of wool, more precisely because of the “Wendelstein Schafwolle” of Schafwollspinnerei Höfer. I had been looking for a yarn for a nice and hardwearing jacket to wear out of doors for quite some time, but hadn’t been able to find a suitable traditional yarn yet …

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Sheep with black and white twin lambs

From the beginng: we are making yarn

A friend of mine has a small flock of sheep, a colourful mixture of merino, mountain and fox sheep. And every year, when the sheep are shorn, we discuss again what to do with the wool. There are no buyers for small quantities, and processing it by hand is far too time-consuming. Anyone who has ever tried washing wool by hand, carding (combing) it and spinning it by hand knows what I mean …

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Coburg fox sheep

Coburg fox sheep and a new wool project

Don’t they look good, the Coburg fox sheep? They will be shorn soon, right now they’re still with the fleeces that will be transformed into a new fox sheep knitting yarn next year. Uncolored, so the natural copper-gold shimmer will be visible … I am looking forward to the second generation of yarn of my regional wool project! The fleeces will be sent to the woolen mill in autumn. After washing and spinning, the wool will come back sometime next summer wound in lots of 100 g skeins. I’ll be a DK weight, just right for beautiful, warm sweaters for autumn and winter.

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