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Hand woven scarf from Wendelstein wool

Weaving with a rigid heddle loom and Wendelstein wool

A weaving workshop has long been on the list of things I wanted to do. Years ago on a holiday I had the opportunity to use a big 4-shaft loom and had woven a small carpet. That was great, but nothing I could repeat easily at home. This is much harder to start than knitting, you need so much more than a ball of wool and a few knitting needles. But now the opportunity came up …

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Sheep with black and white twin lambs

From the beginng: we are making yarn

A friend of mine has a small flock of sheep, a colourful mixture of merino, mountain and fox sheep. And every year, when the sheep are shorn, we discuss again what to do with the wool. There are no buyers for small quantities, and processing it by hand is far too time-consuming. Anyone who has ever tried washing wool by hand, carding (combing) it and spinning it by hand knows what I mean …

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