Coburg fox sheep

Coburg fox sheep and a new wool project

Don’t they look good, the Coburg fox sheep? They will be shorn soon, right now they’re still with the fleeces that will be transformed into a new fox sheep knitting yarn next year. Uncolored, so the natural copper-gold shimmer will be visible … I am looking forward to the second generation of yarn of my regional wool project! The fleeces will be sent to the woolen mill in autumn. After washing and spinning, the wool will come back sometime next summer wound in lots of 100 g skeins. I’ll be a DK weight, just right for beautiful, warm sweaters for autumn and winter.

Coburg fox sheep

But now I’m waiting for the yarn from last year, which will come back spun but still undyed. (More about how that project started here). This will be a fingering weight yarn, very well suited for fair isle patterns and I will need lots of beautiful shades that harmonize well with each other. Since I especially like plant-dyed yarns, I’m going to embark on the adventure of learning natural dyeing this summer. If you enjoy beautiful plant-dyed wool, you should visit the website of Renaissance Dyeing (in France, despite the English name). For a start, I am going to plan with four or five shades, but let’s see where a workshop in natural dyeing will lead me to. I will be leaving for France in July and am very much looking forward to it!

Machine processing of sheep's wool: the threads are created

My yarn is hopefully already beyond this stage (that was last winter, when we delivered the wool to Wollspinnerei Dickel ). I will of course keep you posted on how this develops – and also about where the wool will be available. It won’t be available in my own online shop, where I used to sell the Wendelstein wool for my patterns, that sho will go offline tomorrow. I managed that together with my friend Claudia (many many thanks for everything, Claudia!) and right now my day job and her studies leave to little time to continue with that. But I am always open for and interested in cooperating with wool people, if someone linkes regional wool and natural dyeing, please let me know! A sneak preview of a new pattern: The children’s jacket made of Wendelstein wool is finished and I already took pictures, many thanks to model Emma! The pattern has already been test-knitted, the tech editor is checking everything right now and creates the schematics. Soon the grapic designer will take over and the pattern will be available here.

Emma wearing children's cardigan while being photographed

For all those who are now looking for a new source for the Wendelstein wool, I can recommend two shops in Munich, which are always worth a visit and both sell online: Rauwerk and Die Mercerie. I still have a few skeins left at home, if someone needs a certain colour just send me a message and I’ll check if I have the right one left …

Wendelstein wool: colours

And no, of course I don’t store my yarn on the floor … That photo was taken last year, when the first Wendelstein wool delivery arrived and had to be checked before adding it to the shop. It was a great pleasure to spread out more than 30 different shades of wool!

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