Skeins of wool, dyed with natural colours (goldenrod and weld)

Colour for a wool project: Yellow

If it is cold outside and rather white-grey, natural dyeing experiments with yellow are perfect. The bright lemon yellow I got from a dye bath with weld (the skein in the middle in the image above) makes the sun rise! And it is almost magic how mordanting the yellow skeins with iron water turns them into a dark shade of olive …

bavarian wool dyed with goldenrod

These shades were created with goldenrod, which I collected last year and they bring back the warmth and light of late summer. I especially like the mustard yellow (in the picture above on the  left), it will be used together with dark grey Wendelstein wool in a new design. They go very well together, I think … more about that project soon!

dark grey knitted swatch for a man's traditional jacket with skein of goldenod-dyed wool

It makes me happy to see how beautifully the wool from my wool project takes on the natural dyes and I’m already looking forward to the new shades: pink and purple with cochineal. If you live near Herrsching and would enjoy an experiment, feel free to contact me and join in! And another infomation for local knitters: since last November we meet once a month for knitting, drinking tea (or coffee) and a chat. To find out more, leave a comment or contact me via e-mail (

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