Pattern for Traditional Bavarian Knitted Jacket with Hood

Hooded jacket Aidenried: Test knitters wanted!

Finally, finally it’s ready – the pattern for the traditional Bavarian jacket with hood I made last summer. It took much longer than expected, but now it’s ready and also has a name: Aidenried, a lovely place on the shore of the lake Ammersee, just round the corner. And now the first test knitters can beginn …

Who wants to be a part of it? I can offer instructions in the sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL. I’ve tried to explain all the technical info you need (like knitting short rows or knitting up stitches for the edging) in detail, and most of the jacket is done in simple garter stitch. But it’s probably good if you have some knitting experience, and you shouldn’t be afraid of sewing! The back, front and sleeves are sewn together and the zipper and bias tapes are sewn in by hand. But of course I will give tips for that as well. The pattern is not yet beautifully designed and photographed. Right now it is a pdf with text and the schematic drawings. But it’s all you need, and if you want to apply for knitting one of the sizes, you can do so here in the comments or contact me by e-mail ( And of course I’m here to answer questions and I’m looking forward to every kind of feedback! I am already very curious about how your versions of “Aidenried” will turn out. If you are still wondering about which colours to choose, here are somesuggestions:

Detail of hand knitted jacket in garter stitch

I like the natural shades very much, but I also like the bright blue paired with the yellow edging, it reminds me of holidays in the south of France. You’ll soon be able to see more of this jacket here. …

Detail of children's jacket in garter stitch

And this will become a children’s jacket – as you can see, not quite finished yet. The bright red looks good with the light, slightly heathered taupe. And I can imagine the natural taupe very well in combination with other colours!

If you are thinking about test knitting, here is some information about the sizes. “Aidenried” is a close but not tight fittinig garment and is calculated with 6 cm of ease. To determine your size, simply measure your own chest circumference and add 6 cm. Or take a well-fitting finished garment as a template and measure the bust circumference there. Then compare the bust circumference and choose your size: The sizes S (M/L/XL/XXL) correspond to 90 (98/106/116/128) cm bust circumference of the finished jacket size. More soon – I’m looking forward to a lot of feedback!

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