Traditional Bavarian jacket Aidenried: test-knits

More hooded jackets: children’s versions and test knits

The children’s jacket is done – and it fits! The sleeves are still a bit too long, but better than too short … And then I have incredibly fast test knitters: the first three knitters have finished theirs and kindly sent me photos.

Didn’t they turn out great? They all chose grey with dark grey or black edgings, a timeless colour combination. And I especially like the jacket with the black hood! And what you can’t see in the photograph: the bias tape is also black, which gives the jacket a very elegant look.

Traditional Bavarian jacket Aidenried: Hood

Here you can see – that you can’t see how the hood is sewn together. If you don’t know where the seam is, you won’t find it, the finish is absolutely perfect. Many thanks to Sabine, Petra and Christine for the beautiful photos! Thanks to all the test knitters who spotted mistakes, and suggested improvements to make sure that the finished pattersn really works. I’m very much looking forward to seeing all the other test knit versions, I’d like to see how the jacket will turn out in other sizes and colour combinations. Colour combinations like bordeaux/moss green or turquoise/light sound promising!

Traditional Bavarian jacket with hood for children

But taupe with a bright red is not bad either, as you can see on the children’s hoodie, and it really looks good on my little niece.

traditional bavarian jacket with hood for children

Now I began starting to grading the children’s jacket in several sizes – a challenge, because children’s proportions are so different. I’ll definitely need test knitters again, more about that soon.

traditional bavarian jacket for children

Special feature: The jacket has a hanger from a leftover piece of bias tape – very practical!

The finished patters are available here.

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