Traditional Baravian jacket "Wartaweil"

New edition of a traditional jacket: With stand-up collar and in summer colours

I’ve wanted a stand-up collar version of my tried-and-tested hooded jacket for a long time. And I wanted to try a colour combination that reminds me of summer and Provence: light blue and sunny yellow. So very different from the wintery white-grey in front of my window …

Handknitted bavarian jacket in light blue and yellow with zipper and stand-up collar

The practical thing about garter stitch is that it looks good from both sides, perfect for a collar which you can wear up or down. The cast-on stitches of the yellow edging disappear behind the sewn-on bias tape, which I used to cover the back of the zipper and then continued at the collar. The colour combination and the stand-up collar make the jacket a bit more stylish than the hooded jacket, but it’s still a real Bavarian jacket, not only because of the traditional Wendelstein wool I used for it. This is a great merino yarn produced here in Bavaria by a family run business, durable, soft and warm at the same time. If you want to know more about that, you can find more here. There are of course many more fantastic colour combinations possible, but at right now I clearly have a blue phase, my next project will be a children’s jacket, this time – of course – light blue, combined with spring green. I think the name fits – it definitely looks like spring!

Knitted bavarian jacket sample in light blue and spring green

By the way, you can indulge in more colours. I now actually offer the Wendelstein yarn in all available colours, dyed and undyed! As the display of the colours on a computer screen is not always very reliable, please ask if you have a colour combination in mind, but want to be sure if it really fits. Just contat me by comment or e-mail, I’m happy to help!

Knitted Bavarian jacket in light blue and yellow with zipper and stand-up collar

hOh – and of course the pattern is now also available here. If you have already bought the Aidenried pattern and just need an update with the collar instead of the hood, please let me know. You’ll get a discount code for the new pattern. I am very much looking forward to many new color combinations!

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