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Traditional Bavarian jacket: grafting hood together tutorial

How does the hood of the traditional Bavarian jacket Aidenried get a nice shape, and a perfect finish? Decreases make sure the hood fits well, and then the last stitches on the needles are connected invisibly by grafting them together. This photo tutorial shows how …

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Traditional Bavarian jacket Aidenried: test-knits

More hooded jackets: children’s versions and test knits

The children’s jacket is done – and it fits! The sleeves are still a bit too long, but better than too short … And then I have incredibly fast test knitters: the first three knitters have finished theirs and kindly sent me photos.

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Pattern for Traditional Bavarian Knitted Jacket with Hood

Hooded Bavarian Jacket “Aidenried”: the pattern is available!

It’s autumn, time to get the needles out again – and maybe to knit a traditional Bavarian jacket with a hood … ? For all of you who have been waiting for a while: Thank you for your patience, here it is finally, the pattern for the traditional-jacket-meets-hoodie-cardi, which is now officially called “Aidenried”.

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