Hooded jacket for children: how to add the edging

Test-knits and new projects

So much nice and enthusiastic feedback! I am very happy that so many of you are happy about the offer and would like to test knit …

Tanja, Christine, Sabine, Petra, Imana, Gitti, Eva, Johanna and Dorothee are test-knitting my hooded Bavarian jacket and I’m very much looking forward to feedback, to new colour combinations – and to receiving photos! Which of course I will share here. A few tutorials on technical details like how to finish the hood, how to sew the zipper in and how to make your own bias tape will follow soon. The children’s version of the hooded jacket is almost done, and while finishing I tried to document what I am doing to later have hopefully helpful step-by-step instructions. Here the zipper is already done, I only have to add the bias tape. The jacket looks really cute – I hope it fits my niece and that their parents send me some nice photos with her wearing it 😉

Hooded jacket for children: added zipper

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